Ultra-high efficiency with partition /without partition fresh air ventilation machine air HEPA

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It can effectively ensure the integity of the filter performance and pass the effective leak detection and scanning test before leaving the factory. At the same time, it can meet the strict requirements of pharmaceutical field testing industry.

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No diaphragm design to reduce operating costs

Wide application range, compact structure, saving storage space
Ultra thin design, saving installation space
Filtration efficiency:99.97%@0.3μm(H13)、

The commonly used high-efficiency filters are GB type and GWB type. The filter material is ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, with very small pores. Adopting a very low filtration rate enhances the screening and diffusion of small dust particles, resulting in high filtration efficiency.

H13 > 99.95% > 99.75%
H14 > 99.995% > 99.975%
U15 > 99.9995% > 99.9975%
U16 > 99.99995% > 99.99975%
U17 > 99.999995% > 99.9999%

Designed to maximize contaminant reduction, operating efficiency, and minimize sound output, HEPA filters are a critical feature in larger cleanrooms with semi to full ceiling fan coverage. The type of HEPA filter recommended for use is determined by the design approach of the cleanroom. Motorized HEPA filters are typically utilized in negative pressure plenum designs for dual-ducted designs. Non-motorized, ducted HEPA filters are utilized with a central air handler providing temperature and humidity control.

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