Clean room in biological industry

A biological cleanroom is a defined space in which the suspended microorganisms in the clean room air are controlled within a specified value. It mainly controls the contamination of suspended microorganisms (bacteria and microorganisms) in the air. Divided into biological clean room and biological safety clean room.

A biological cleanroom is a type of cleanroom designed with strict cleanliness standards to ensure complete controlled environment for biotechnology research.

Biological clean room requirements

Because the high demand of atmosphere requirement in biological industry,Because of the high level of sophistication required, strict standards must be put in place to maintain the cleanest environment from which to conduct trials, develop new treatments, or discover new compounds.

Most biological clean rooms must comply with the clean room classifications of ISO 14644-1 at Class 5. ISO Class 5 is considered extremeness stringent classification standard, Many of the other clean rooms fall under ISO Class 7or 8. recurring moderate control overparticular number and size. The degree of air change must take place frequently to clean with particulate matter and to adjust for other environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Meanwhile, ISO Class 5 has to do all of the above to a higher degree. They only allow a maximum of 3,520 particles 5 um or larger, and requiring multiple air changes per hour, laminar flows need to operate at air speed of 40-80 feet/min.


Clean rooms are important in biological

Biological clean rooms are very demanding in biological industry,Biological clean rooms play an important role in biotechnology research, ensuring that scientific data are reliable and are not biased by contamination,Additionally, in biotech facilities, these clean rooms help ensure product quality.

Dersion biological clean room


The most obvious advantage of modular clean rooms is that they are easy and quick to install. They do not have to be built from scratch and will not disrupt your operation with weeks or months of construction time. They are made from prefabricated panels and framing, so they can be set up within days or weeks. By choosing DERSION modular clean room, your organization can avoid delays and begin using your clean room almost immediately.

What’s more, DERSION patent design makes it easy to assemble or disassemble our modular clean rooms and economical to add on to them. This means our customers have the flexibility to add to, or subtract from, their clean room set up as the needs of their organization change. Because our modular clean rooms are not permanent structures, they cost less to purchase and with lower maintenance cost.


Modular clean rooms use HEPA and ULPA fan filter units to remove particulate matter from the air and keep contamination to the necessary minimum. DERSION offers a variety of clean rooms and clean room accessories that can help your organization comply with ISO, FDA, or EU standards. Both our soft wall and rigid wall clean rooms meet ISO 8 to ISO 3 or Grade A to Grade D air cleanliness ratings. Our rigid wall clean rooms are a lower-cost solution for meeting USP797 requirements.

The benefits of modular clean rooms over traditional clean rooms are many. Their affordability, easy installation and maintenance, and performance over time make them an excellent choice for companies or organizations that need a clean room environment to operate right away. At DERSION we believe in the quality of our clean room products and the flexibility they offer to our customers. For more specifics on how these products might help your organization meet its needs, check out our soft wall and rigid wall modular clean room pages.