HEPA Filter Clean Booth Medical Easy Installation Cleanroom Clean Booth with FFU

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The clean booth is a simple clean room, air purification equipment used to provide a local high clean environment. With a variety of clean levels and space with, can be designed and produced according to the use of demand, flexibility, easy to install, short construction period and strong mobility as its main features. It adopts fan filter unit FFU for air supply, the frame and Ceiling panel are painted square (or stainless steel square, industrial aluminium), surrounded by anti-static curtains, and the internal purification level can reach 10-100K, which is widely used in photoelectricity, electronic assembly line, laboratory, assembly area and other local high cleanliness occasions.
Easy to upgrade the ordinary environment into a cleanliness 10-100K clean room effective planning of the clean area and non-clean area of the division of the control management personnel on the process management at a glance cleanliness control is convenient, cleanliness to improve the quick

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Product Features.
Core component: centrifugal fan.
Quick assembly: factory-made frame for on-site installation with short lead time;.
. Selected Materials: PVC mesh curtain, adjustable foot cups and universal wheels;.
Flexibility: the frame can be reused. Flexibility: reusable frames, small cleanrooms can be moved.
Flexibility: the frame can be reused and the small cleanroom can be moved.
User-friendly structure: can be used individually or in combination, and can be assembled with the assembly line to form a dust-free assembly line equipment.

Clean Booth

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