GMP Dust Free Stainless Steel Water Curtain Air Shower with Air interlocked System

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Water curtain air shower  is a utility model product of DERSION, the product includes air blowing area and air shower circulation system, air blowing area is equipped with air outlet, air blowing area is equipped with a standing platform at the bottom of the air blowing area, and it also includes a water curtain circulation system, the water curtain circulation system includes an upper water tank, a lower water tank, a water pump, a water pipeline, and a water curtain wall which is used for the formation of a water curtain, the air blowing area blows the wind, and the dust is blown to the water curtain wall, and because there is a water curtain on the water curtain wall, the dust, after passing through the water curtain, flows along the water curtain to the lower water tank.

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Changan Mazda
Customer Requirements Overview
Mazda automobile for the global automobile famous brand, automobile spraying as one of the important processing link, due to the automobile spraying workshop personnel number is more and in and out of the frequent police, and due to the automobile powder in the process of spraying production process will produce a large amount of dust, so the personnel clothes on the amount of dust is larger, so the use of ordinary air shower room will be easy to cause the filter clogging, and the effect of dust removal is not ideal, so we continue to communicate with the customers After in-depth communication, the design of the water curtain air shower room, the side of the European shower + top European shower, the other side of the water curtain, the water flow from the top down, often over the high political filtration of clean air, personnel clothing surface dust particles blowing backward through the water flow can be quickly taken away to improve the efficiency of the dust and the personnel safety and vitality of the summer spraying workshop temperature is higher, the water curtain can bring the slightest coolness), and over the automatic control device, the water flow from the bottom of the grille water, the water curtain can bring a slight coolness. And through the automatic control device, the water flow from the bottom of the grille water blog pumping water to the upper part of the water Mu, water flow self-circulation, and regularly replenish the water source to replace the new water, to keep the water source clean and prevent the temperature rise.