Clean room in electronic industry

As our technology develops, the demand for electronic device is increasingly being driven by their diversification into markets and applications,Today’s developments in the electronic marketplace raise the bar for fabrication efficiency, and companies are looking to create leaner, more efficient and sustainable production environments.

The production of electronic has a strict demanding of the production environment,such as temperature, humility and anti-static electricity, this will make the electronics produced reliable,In its most basic form, a PCB is an insulating substrate with conductive traces. Chips and other electronics are mounted and interconnected on top of it to form an electronic package. Conductive traces may be on one side of the board, both, or within the board. You’ve seen that our electronic devices tend to get smaller as they become more sophisticated. As chips get smaller, PCBs get smaller, too. Without a cleanroom for making electrical components, contamination can occur between the line widths of the circuit boards. The smaller the line width and spacing, the more particles can contaminate it.


Dersion’s clean room solution for electronic industry

1. Install it fast and easily

We design our clean room as modular structure, which is our patent and original design,as a modular structure is made of prefabricated panels and frames, so it’s economic and easy for assembly and disassembly, thus save our customer’s cost, leaving them more budget for their business growing, also our clean room has a recycle rate of 98%, which means it’s environmentally friendly, as this it a important problem for our mother earth.

2. Excellent quality and performance

Modular cleanrooms use HEPA and ULPA fan filter units to remove particulate matter from the air and keep contamination to the necessary minimum. DERSION offers a variety of cleanrooms and cleanroom accessories that can help your organization comply with ISO, FDA, or EU standards. Both our soft wall and rigid wall cleanrooms meet ISO 8 to ISO 3 or Grade A to Grade D air cleanliness ratings. Our rigid wall cleanrooms are a lower-cost solution for meeting USP797 requirements.

The benefits of modular clean rooms over traditional clean rooms are many. Their affordability, easy installation and maintenance, and performance over time make them an excellent choice for companies or organizations that need a cleanroom environment to operate right away. At DERSION we believe in the quality of our cleanroom products and the flexibility they offer to our customers. For more specifics on how these products might help your organization meet its needs, check out our soft wall and rigid wall modular clean room pages.