PVC curtain clean wardrobe

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Clean wardrobe is a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility, which is mainly used for hanging dust-free clothes and storing dust-free working shoes, keeping dust-free clothes and dust-free working shoes clean and preventing from being re-contaminated by outside air.

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1. The main frame is made of high-quality iron square through electrostatic spraying treatment board using a single layer of baking paint steel plate material, both sides of the double-layer toughened glass windows:.
2.The top placed a net group FFU (the main body for the material) air volume 1080CMH.
3.FFU specifications: 1175 * 575 * 260 high efficiency specifications: 1170 * 570 * 70, filtration efficiency H14, 99.99% (0.3um)
4.Internal belt (18 holes with 18 compartments (single-layer baking enameled steel sheet material)
5. Front PVC curtain
6. Bottom with Foma wheel

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