ISO Standard Explosion-proof air shower /Electronic interlock/Fan Filter Unit/ Easy installation/SUS304/201stainless steel

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Explosion-proof air shower is a purification industry well-known technical equipment, for combustible gases, flammable products workshop and the introduction of high-tech safety explosion-proof equipment air shower room explosion-proof air shower is mainly configured with.
Explosion-proof centrifugal fan, explosion-proof lamps, etc., explosion-proof air shower is installed in the clean room and non-clean room between the goods into the clean room is required for the channel, can effectively remove dust and can be used as a buffer room of different levels of clean room, to prevent cross-pollution of goods in and out of cross-pollution, and has the performance of explosion-proof.

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Shanghai Showa Polymer Co.
Overview of customer needs.
Shanghai Showa Polymer Co., Ltd. is a Japanese chemical raw materials production enterprises, the workshop for the Class A explosion-proof workshop, so in the process of workshop renovation, clean room renovation, the need for Taiwan’s strong and weak electricity from the nature of the fully explosion-proof shower room, and taking into account the efficiency of the personnel and goods in and out of the room, so you need to shower room double-door automatic door, but due to the space constraints can not be used to use the electric sliding door, coupled with the shower room Entrance and exit for the fire partition wall, so the double doors of the cargo shower room at the same time need to be class A fire, riot control, automatic door. And at present the market can not find 90 ° flush door explosion-proof door control unit, so after we have repeatedly ditch with the Party A technical personnel many times, the door body adopts stainless steel class A fire door, using the gas source as a power device, through the cylinder to promote the door body to open and close, can do the intrinsic explosion-proof, applied to high requirements of explosion-proof workshop.