Fan Filter Unit FFU for Clean Room

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FFU stands for fan filter unit, it’s a unit that blow air into clean room, FFUs can not only be used as modular unit, but also operates alone. FFU used widely in clean room, clean bench, clean production line, modular clean room and partial class 100 area.

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Fan Filter Unit is a self powered air supply and filtration device, also known as Fan Filter Unit in English. It is a modular end air supply device with filtration effect. The fan filtration unit sucks in air from the top and filters it through HEPA. The filtered clean air is evenly sent out at a speed of about 0.45m/s ± 20% on the entire air outlet surface.

Why Use an FFU System?

FFU itself has the following advantages that make it quickly adopted:

1. Flexible and easy to replace, install and move

FFU is self-powered, and is self-contained and modular, and the supporting filter is easy to replace, so it is not limited by the region; In the clean workshop, it can be controlled by partition according to needs, replaced and moved as needed.

2. Ventilation

This is a unique feature of FFU. Because it can provide static pressure, the cleanroom is positive pressure relative to the outside world, so that external particles will not leak into the clean area, making sealing simple and safe.

3. Shorten the construction period

The use of FFU eliminates the need for duct production and installation, shortening the construction period.

4. Reduce operating costs

Although the initial investment is higher than the use of air duct ventilation when selecting FFU, it highlights the characteristics of energy saving and maintenance-free in the later operation.

5. Save space

Compared with other systems, the FFU system occupies less floor height in the supply air static pressure box and basically does not occupy clean room space.

6. FFU Control system

The FFU control system has multiple control methods such as multi gear switch control, stepless speed regulation control, remote control, computer group control, etc. Generally, an economical and reasonable control method is selected based on the control mode of the central air conditioning system in the clean workshop, the number of FFUs in the clean room, and the requirements of Party A for the FFU control system. The multi gear switch control system is to install a speed control switch and a power switch to manage and control the FFU. Its advantages include simple structure, stable speed regulation, and low investment cost;

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