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Maximize Cleanroom Safety with Reliable Pass Box Interlock Systems

Kunshan Dersion Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of the advanced pass box interlock, designed to provide a sterile boundary between clean and dirty areas in laboratory and cleanroom environments. Our interlock system is specifically designed to control the access to or from a cleanroom, reducing the risk of contamination when materials and personnel need to move between areas. Our pass box interlock works by requiring an operator to complete a predefined sequence of steps before the interlock allows access to the cleanroom. These steps may include handwashing, gowning, or sterilizing, and must be completed in a certain order to ensure proper safety measures are followed. Our interlock is equipped with an alarm system which will alert if an incorrect step has been performed, ensuring a sterile environment for your operations. The pass box interlock from Kunshan Dersion Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is CE certified and is backed by our product warranty. Contact us today to see how our interlock system can improve the safety and effectiveness of your cleanroom operations.

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