What should we do when set up an optical ultraclean room laboratory from scratch?

Setting up an optical ultraclean laboratory from scratch requires thorough planning and preparation. The following are some of the key steps and points.

1. Site planning: Select a suitable site for setting up an optical ultraclean room laboratory. The site needs to have a sufficient area to accommodate young equipment, test benches and work areas, the traditional laboratory project on the site requirements are more stringent, should be selected from the natural environment and good hygiee, clean air, the atmosphere contains dust and bacteria with a low concentration of no harmful gases, the natural environment of a good area. Also away from railways, yards, airports, major traffic routes, as well as emitting a large amount of dust and harmful gases of factories, warehouses, yards and other serious air pollution, water pollution, vibration or noise interference, should also be located in the wind direction of its minimum frequency throughout the year on the downwind side, so more and more manufacturers choose to have a flexible structure of the modular clean room. 2, equipment purchases: the purchase of the necessary experimental equipment, including optical instruments, Light source, photodetector, lens, lens, interferometer, diffraction grating, etc. 3, ultra-clean room laboratory layout: the development of ultra-clean room laboratory layout design, including the placement of equipment, the work area set up, the planning of the experimental bench, etc. 4, safety preparations: to ensure the safety of the laboratory.微信图片_20230317135554
4, safety preparations: to ensure that the ultra-clean room laboratory in line with safety standards, including the use of protective glasses, protective clothing, protective masks, etc. 5, ultra-clean room laboratory management: the establishment of the ultra-clean room laboratory management system, including experimental procedures, equipment maintenance plans, records of experimental results, etc. 6, the staff training: the ultra-clean room laboratory staff optical laboratory skills training, including the use of equipment, safe operation. etc. Funding budget: the development of the establishment of ultra-clean room laboratory funds budget, including equipment procurement, site rental, personnel wages and other costs. I hope to help you. The above early establishment of optical clean room laboratory to do the key preparatory work!


Post time: Mar-07-2024