The principle and application of laminar flow pass box

Laminar flow pass box is a kind of important equipment for realising clean environment, which is widely used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories and electronic factories. This article will introduce the principle and application of laminar flow pass box.

The principle of laminar flow pass box is based on aerodynamic principle and filtration technology. It filters the air entering the window through a powerful fan system and a high-efficiency filtration device, and discharges it through the discharge port, thus realising the purpose of sterile and clean indoor air. This principle ensures that the concentration of particulate matter and the number of micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses in the room are effectively controlled, reducing the amount of airborne pollutants.

Laminar flow conveyors are widely used in the medical field. In the operating theatre, the conveyor window can realise the requirement of air cleanliness, ensure the e environment of the operating place and reduce the risk of surgical infection. In addition, pass boxs are widely used in laboratories. In the laboratory, it is necessary to maintain a clean environment to avoid experimental results by the interference of the external environment, pass box can provide clean working area for experimental personnel to reduce the possibility of experimental contamination. pass boxs are also important equipment in pharmaceutical and electronic factories. As these industries have strict requirements on the cleanliness of products, pass boxs can effectively ensure the aseptic and clean environment in the production process.

In addition to the medical field and laboratories, laminar flow pass boxs are also widely used in other fields. In the hotel and catering industry, the pass box can be used for food transfer between employees to avoid the possibility of food contamination. In food processing plants and beverage production lines pass boxs can also ensure the cleanliness of the product. In the manufacturing industry, the pass box can be used for material transfer, to avoid foreign objects into the production line, to ensure product quality.

In short, laminar flow pass box as an important equipment, in various industries have a wide range of applications. Its principle is based on the principle of aerodynamics and filtration technology, through the filtration of air, to achieve the indoor air sterile and clean. Whether it is the medical industry or with the continuous progress of science and technology and people’s requirements for a clean environment, the development of pass boxs will be more broad. Manufacturing industry, laminar flow pass box can provide clean and sterile space for the working environment to promote product quality and artificial health.

Post time: Mar-08-2024